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Montai Health

Breakthrough AI small molecule platform combating chronic diseases with human Anthromolecule™ medicines

About Montai

Over 2 billion people globally are living with chronic disease, driving trillions in healthcare costs and creating an unsustainable societal burden.

At Montai, we are pioneering with AI to treat all stages of chronic disease with human-qualified Anthromolecule™ medicines.

Unlocked from a privileged class of molecules with a history of safe, human exposure, Anthromolecule chemistry offers a potent and safe starting point to develop best-in-class or first-in-class small molecule drugs that address this global challenge.

Our hyper-efficient generalizable ML and aggregation of human-qualified chemistry at industrial scale enables us to predictably discover breakthrough medicines for as many diseases as possible.

A graphic displaying a the outline of a human body, zooming in on a section of Anthromolecules — a privileged class of molecules with a history of safe, human consumption.
What if AI could unlock the predictable discovery of transformative small molecule drugs for chronic disease?

Our Mission

To improve health outcomes for people living with chronic disease, we need to reset the current drug development paradigm.

  • $1B + 10 years
    Cost and time
    to develop a new drug
  • 10%
    Get to patients — many fail due to safety and toxicity risks
  • 30%+
    Non-responders and most are
    not safe for long term use
  • $10K+ / Week
    Cost for many new

Our Approach

Predictable discovery of Anthromolecule chemistry can reset the safety-efficacy paradigm.


Drug discovery began as a serendipitous, trial-and-error effort. Then serendipity was industrialized with the introduction of synthetic chemistry and high-throughput screening which enabled us to screen millions of compounds to find potential drug candidates.

We are now creating a new era of predictable discovery led by exponential growth in biochemical data over the last decade and far more powerful computational tools such as scaled graph deep learning models and LLMs. We can now decode the complex language of chemistry computationally and understand the structure-function relationships in any molecule – bioactivity, toxicity, bioavailability, solubility, etc. - to efficiently predict its potential to become a drug. And when we apply these powerful tools to aggregate and then survey the landscape of human-qualified chemistry at industrial scale, we can predictably and hyper-efficiently find the best possible Anthromolecule keys to unlock any biology pathway door in less than 6 months.


Montai is aggregating the world's largest, fully-annotated knowledge graph of Anthromolecule chemistry - privileged molecules that have co-evolved with humans for thousands of years through exposure to food, herbs, and traditional medicines. There are 100,000+ known today, offering vastly greater chemical diversity compared to the 2,700 approved drugs - with millions more to discover.

Anthromolecule chemistry is already a proven source of chronically-dosed, FDA-approved drugs for many diseases such as Parkinson's, asthma, and heart disease, but has yet to be systematically mined for drug development.

A graphic representation of Anthromolecules, highlighting the ratio of known versus FDA-approved.
Anthromolecules are a diverse, untapped chemical source. There are currently more than 100,000 known Anthromolecules, and more than 40,000 already found in FDA-approved drugs safe for long term use.

The CONECTA™ Platform

The CONECTA™ Platform is a new drug operating system enabling the predictable discovery of transformative small molecule drugs.

CONECTA combines hyper-efficient generalizable ML, industrial scale aggregation of human-qualified chemistry, and end-to-end automation and integration.

This allows us to rapidly and repeatedly create efficacious new medicines that are safe, easy to administer, and suitable for the broadest range of applications across disease indications and stages of severity.

Our initial therapeutic focus is on small molecule therapies for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases where there is great unmet patient need. Our long-term goal is to develop human-centered solutions for the two billion people living with one or more chronic diseases.



Multidimensional, pharmacological characterization and scoring of every known Anthromolecule across 45+ properties essential to drug development including bioactivity, bioavailability, ADMET, physiochemical properties and chemical synthesis.

Bioactivity Atlas™

Hyper-efficient chemical machine learning-powered deconvolution and ranking of bioactive connections between every Anthromolecule and the pathways known to drive specific diseases.

Pathway Solutions

Single or combination therapies that potently modulate powerful pathways underlying chronic disease. We are creating safe, effective, and accessible medicines that offer novel solutions across disease stages and for long-term use.

The CONECTA™ pipeline

Montai is rapidly advancing a pipeline of small molecule assets against powerful, validated biological pathways with first-in-class or best-in-class potential across multiple indications in inflammation and autoimmune.
  • 50K+
    Over 50,000 AnthroGraphs
  • 13 / 5
    13 Pathway Maps in 5 major disease areas
  • 1000x
    1000x efficiency in finding high potential keys for targets

We are focusing on inflammatory and autoimmune disease for our first wave of solutions given the enormous unmet patient needs for efficacious, accessible therapies that are safe for long term use and earlier intervention. Inflammation-related pathways also offer important biological network linkages to broader chronic diseases such as those in metabolism and neurology.

Our mission is to improve health outcomes for as many people as possible to reduce the growing and unsustainable burden of chronic disease.

We are united under a shared purpose of improving health outcomes for as many people as possible.
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